Am I a Bad Teacher or are You a Bad Student!?

Note that I’m writing this with the perspective that the Teacher is good and professional and that he strives for development in every area.

I’m writing because I’ve seen this happening a lot lately, a lot of my colleagues being called bad and unprofessional because there’s a couple of spoiled kids that made them look ” Less professional ”

1. Pre disposition or state of mind

As a student you have to attend a lesson with the mindset to ” Absorb and interpret”, most of students enter the lesson with no structure whatsoever. Yes you need to be ready to learn and ask questions after the lesson has ended. An exchange of energy or a recycling is needed, the teacher proposes, the student absorbs and interprets and returns the energy to the teacher.

2. Leave your Ego at the Door

Humbleness is a virtue, and rare nowadays, dancing is something spiritual, emotional, something that takes years to explore and to project properly, so a couple of workshops won’t make you a dancer, even if it feels like that. So leave your Ego at the Door, everyone is here to learn and appreciate each other’s love for dance.

3. Behaviorism

Your behavior while attending a workshop, class, jam is crucial. Your energy can dictate a good atmosphere, a good flow of lesson and more learning for everyone. If you are tired, or annoyed don’t let the others suffer because of your issues. Learn to separate things.


Even if the teacher is your best friend, in a class he becomes your teacher again, a thin line separates these 2 factors because he can still be your friend, brother or even represent a father figure. But this gap has to exist for a proper relationship and development of both.

5. Love

Love although sometimes misunderstood, misused and ignored.. Is the main tool, if you love yourself and love the process of learning, everything will be easier. You have to believe yourself, believe in the process and accept that there’s no ” Bad ” in dancing. This is the most important point, aside perspectives, aside ways of teaching. The best way of learning is accepting you are good but you can improve, accepting you know some things but you can always learn more. Is to nourish the love that your teacher gives you and use it as tool to grow as dancer and as a person, Because everything is associated.

So my point is 70 % is the Students work. The teacher is there to open doors, stimulate, give tools, share knowledge and love the whole process. The rest is the students work. So Open your mind, heart and soul, absorb, interpret and ask. Develop and keep a humble heart.

How do I know!? Because I’m a Teacher, but First I’m a Student. Always a Humble Student.

Much Love And light

Marco Obelixx Menezes

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